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Useful E-Safety Links

CEOP's Think U Know. Click on the links below to view the different areas.


Age 5-7 Children 

Age 8-10 Children 

Age 11-13 Children 

If your child has reported an incident of inappropriate behaviour or an issue that has caused concern, you can report this to CEOP's safety centre by clicking HERE

Internet Matters is a site offering parents help and advice on e-safety. CLICK HERE to visit their site.

A site that has been recommended by the specialist we recently had a visit from, is Parent's Online Safety. CLICK HERE to view this site.

We are aware a lot of children enjoy playing games on consoles such as the Xbox 360 or a PlayStation. With Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus, it is possible for the children to chat and play online with friends. You are able to put parental restrictions on these so you can limit the time played, the content they can view or the apps they can use such as the internet browser.