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Year 3

 Hi Year 3 

I am missing you all but I am sure you are enjoying your time at home with your family.

It is lovely to read all the email you keep sending me.

Keeping in touch with you and reading what you have all been up to is great. You have all been doing lots of wonderful things with your families.

I have been gardening, walking Pepper, biking with my son and lots of running to keep up my exercise.


I will be ringing again this week so if you get an unknown caller it could be me.


New packs out today!

  The recount power point is below underneath the other power points


If you have any questions about the work, email me and I will answer them as soon as I can.

If you would like to send me photos or let me know what you have been doing please E-mail me on


I have already had some emails telling me about what you have been up to, it is great to hear from you and to see what you have been doing.

Lilli Mae has been planting seeds and watering them every day, helping her mummy bake pies, she has made home made bird houses and has been helping in the garden. Betty is enjoying the new work pack and playing out side in the sunshine. Phoebe has been working on her maths and English work from the new pack. Ruby has been playing in her pool in the sunshine. Freya has been making a mobile and Earth and playing golf. Ava has been for a walk to see the school banners. Jacob has been making smoothies, gardening and even made a pair of shorts to wear! Tommy has enjoyed doing his writing. Phoebe has done some great school work about Jack and the Beanstalk and also her reading. Mitzee has made an amazing diamond picture. Lilli has been watering her plants she has planted in the greenhouse.Clarice has made a crystal tree, worked on her spellings, knows all the bones in the human body and made a great hand painting with her family. Tom has been on bike rides, watered plants hes growing and drew a great food rainbow. Lola and her sisters and mum have made a huge rainbow out of hearts, it's beautiful! Rhys has been baking, cutting the grass and helping dad around the house. Tommy has been painting colourful symmetry pictures.  Jacob F has made some flags for VE day. Freya has written a great newspaper report about Little Red Riding Hood. Lilli has done lots of work out of her home learning packs. Lily has been working hard on her bar charts. Lola has been working hard on her English and maths work.Clarice has made  three course meal with her mum using her new cook book. Ava has worked hard on her school pack. Lorena has made a life size guitar, coloured in some art work and completed her work packs. Freya has been having a picnic in the garden. Phoebe has been enjoying walking in the woods and painting stones. Rhys has been helping in the garden, helping mum cook dinner and working on his maths. Clarice has been writing a great wanted poster, researching panthers for her topic work and finding out about the planet Neptune. Lola has been having fun over the Bank Holiday, camping in her garden, going for walks in the woods and painting.