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The Gainsborough Charles Baines Community Primary School

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Year 1

Hello - I'm Mrs Toward and I am your child's teacher - For those parents who don't know my background, I have worked at Charles Baines for 10 years. I have worked in year 1 for 6 years as well as working in years,3, 4 and 5. 

The other adults supporting your children in our class are - Mrs Sylvester, Mrs Morrison and Mrs Brook

Welcome to our Year 1 class page

The term our topic is PAWS, CLAWS AND WHISKERS

As you can guess it is all about different animals.


Please bring in a picture of your pet and we will display it on our topic wall - We are trying to see how many different pets we have in year 1.

Mrs Brook has kindly brought in Nora the Hamster for us to look after for the week.

Here are some photos of us looking after her.



I have sent reading books home this week. In the inside of your child's reading diary is a sheet to give you ideas about how you can help your child practise reading.

Please can you write in their reading diaries when they read to you. We love reading about how well they are reading at home.

Once your child has read 45 book titles they will get a prize of a brand new book of their choice from Mrs Simmonds. 



Maths this term is all about place value and reading and writing numerals.

When ever you get the opportunity, please get your child to be counting objects.

  • It could be cars on a journey, tins in a supermarket or trees on a walk. All this practising out of school help them develop their knowledge of number. 


In year 1 we have to start to learn to write using the cursive letters. Over the next few weeks I will send home a sheet with how all the letters are written and where to start each letter. The cursive handwriting helps them much more easily when they get to the stage of joining their letters together in year 2 and above.

Every letter starts on the line and this is something the children find difficult, once they have mastered this they find it much easier to write the letters cursive.  Your help with this is greatly appreciated. Thank you.