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Welcome to our e-safety page. Here you will find lots of useful information about keeping your child safe online. We have useful leaflets giving information on lots of the apps, sites and games that the children commonly use, as well as regular magazine updates from Alan Mackenzie and Digital Parenting. At the top of this page, you will also notice the CEOP report button. If you or your child have a concern about something they experienced online, then you can use this to report it.

Recently, we had an outside expert contact us to share some e-safety updates and he suggested that one of the best ways to monitor children's internet usage is to keep devices in communal family areas and out of bedrooms. We appreciate that this is not always possible and so what we would recommend in this instance is keep talking about what children are doing online and make sure they know what to do, or who to go to if they have a concern.

If you have concerns about something your child has seen online please visit the following website and report it immediately.


 Useful E-Safety Links

For children

Internet Safety Information

Smartie the Penguin Internet Safety for younger children

Helping children if they see something online that upsets them Internet Manners Cyberbullying Charter of Good Behaviour


 Activity sheets for parents and children

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For Parents

We are aware a lot of children enjoy playing games on consoles such as the Xbox Series X or a PlayStation5. With Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus, it is possible for the children to chat and play online with friends. You are able to put parental restrictions on these so you can limit the time played, the content they can view, the people they can talk to and the apps they can use such as the internet browser. 

Parental Controls Guides Internet Matters Internet Safety Information Parental Controls Guides LSCP Online Safety for Parents Go Compare Broadband Filters Other Help and Advice Internet Matters
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Social Media

Find out more about on parental controls for apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Xbox, PlayStation and a variety of other popular services presented by Internet Matters. TikTok have recently updated their parental controls so parents/carers can have more control over what your children are doing online. 

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