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The Gainsborough Charles Baines Community Primary School

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At Charles Baines we teach phonics using the Read Write Inc programme. The children are taught to recognise and express sounds in fun and memorable ways that they can then blend together to read words.

Help for parents: Click on the link below to view all of the sounds the children learn. If you have any further queries about the programme, please contact the school.

Link: Read Write Inc Sounds


At Charles Baines we use Accelerated Reader to support rapid reading improvement. Our pupils, in both Key Stage 1 and 2, access Star Reader assessments every half term to closely monitor their understanding and precisely target the books they should be reading to maximise progress.

The children read books and take quizzes about what they have read using their iPads. They receive instant feedback about their progress and can monitor their own reading development.

Accelerated Reader offers teachers a comprehensive dashboard of information about each pupil and allows us to monitor what the children are reading; how they are performing in terms of comprehension; their reading progress across a range of texts; and helps to identify areas for development to allow for precision support.

Help for parents: Click the link below to find out more about Accelerated Reader and how it supports reading development at Charles Baines.

Link: Accelerated Reader

Reading Reward Scheme

We also like to encourage the children to read as much as possible through our Reading Reward Scheme. Children are encouraged to read a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction texts and are rewarded with the prize of a book by a popular children's author, presented to them in achievement assembly. Children list the titles of books they read in their Star Reader diaries every time they read. Reading rewards are presented to the children each time they read:

KS1: 45 books 

KS2: 20 books (with at least 10 fiction texts)