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The Gainsborough Charles Baines Community Primary School

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Curriculum Intent


Design and Technology Intent

Here at Charles Baines, design and technology plays a critical role in children’s development and our aim is to prepare our young people for a rapidly changing society. Design and technology consists of designing, communicating, making, testing and evaluating - we therefore encourage our children to go beyond their initial ideas, learning to modify and refine their designs.

Whilst exploring creativity, there is also an emphasis on learning to use tools and equipment safely. Through a variety of creative and practical activities, every child is taught the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to engage with the interactive processes of designing and making. Design and technology is an integral part of our topic learning throughout school and children develop confidence in their ability to think critically and independently.

At our school, we value the teaching and learning of key life skills, such as cooking, that our children will need to independently live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Our design and technology curriculum focuses on developing real-life skills within a safe and secure environment, encouraging our young people to flourish into independent adults in an ever changing society.