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The Gainsborough Charles Baines Community Primary School

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Curriculum Intent



English Intent

At Charles Baines Primary school, we believe that every child can thrive in English. We recognise and value the importance of reading, writing and spelling across all subjects as well as understanding how vital it is for the next step in our pupil’s education. Therefore, providing our pupils with a solid foundation in phonics, reading, writing, grammar and spelling is crucial. 

Our curriculum aims to provide our pupils with the necessary understanding and skills, as well as instilling a love for reading and the confidence to be creative with their writing. We want them to have a deep understanding of grammatical conventions, spelling rules, sentence structures and punctuation so that they can express their learning creatively and accurately for a wide range of purposes and audiences. 

Through our carefully planned and progressive curriculum, pupils are equipped with word reading skills and language comprehension knowledge to be able to access and engage with a wide range of texts.  They will ‘learn to read’ and then ‘read to learn’.


We aim to:

  • Provide our Reception and Key Stage 1 pupils with an excellent foundation in phonics.
  • Allow our pupils to become fluent readers as they progress into and through Key stage 2.
  • Encourage a love of reading as well as improving our pupils’ reading skills. 
  • Share and read high quality texts which inspire our pupils.
  • Enable our pupils to understand and apply grammatical features within their writing. 
  • Encourage our pupils to be creative with their writing across a variety of text types, producing high quality outcomes.